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JudsonJudson Rothschild is a Los Angeles-based, world-renowned Interior Designer and furniture manufacturer whose eye for detail is unparalleled. He is committed to creating elegant, visually intriguing spaces imbued with luxurious comfort.

Eschewing any single period or particular style, Judson’s interior design firm delivers timeless, yet innovative, interior design concepts to his international clientele. Whether consulting or brainstorming during the interior, exterior, and landscaping phases, Judson has the rare ability to bring his client’s dream to fruition while working integrally with the client and or their architect.

He provides a complete hands-on experience, overseeing every aspect of design, as not only the designer but as the project manager, saving clients both time and money. It is this unusual, individualized attention Judson gives his clients that sets him apart from others within the interior home design industry making him one of the top interior designers in the country.

A room illustrates one’s character, especially when it embraces the unexpected. Whether traditional, contemporary, or eclectic, a room should reflect the tenet that drama belongs in your design, not in your life.

My job is to create a timeless, elegant and classic environment which is both warm and inviting. The trademark of Rothschild Interiors, creating a room that is open, light, and bright, finished with impeccable details and a pervasive ambiance of quiet elegance.

I am greatly committed to my clients and proudly stand behind the integrity of my work.

Feel free to peruse my interior design portfolio.

References available upon request.